Bliss \'blis\ n : complete happiness (Merriam-Webster)

Learn to live and let go… find time at Bliss Yoga…

Open the mind and body, let go of inhibitions. The style of Yoga is Hatha, which works the mind using breathing techniques (Pranayama), and the body using movements (Asanas). You learn to balance both the mind and the body feeling more toned physically and relaxed mentally.

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Pamela has been practicing yoga for almost two decades and teaching over ten of them. Early in her teaching career Pamela would “bring Yoga to the people”: she taught in a wide variety of locations and a wide variety of students, confirming and reenforcing her belief that Yoga is for everyone! In May of 2010 Pamela decided the best way for her to share her love and knowledge was to open her own studio, and Bliss Yoga was born.

11 years later, Bliss Yoga is offering a wide variety of classes, from beginners to the most experienced. Bliss Yoga offers Hot Yoga, Yogalates, Vinyasa, and Barre. Over the years Pamela’s love and understanding of Yoga has allowed her students to achieve the maximum benefits each and every time they practice Yoga with her!

Over the last few years Pamela has gone back to her roots and once again brings Yoga to the people. She works with local corporations, schools, small business providing class at their locations or corporate group sessions at the studio. Please feel free to contact Pamela about scheduling or class packages. “Everybody has a question about Yoga… Ask Pamela, you’ll be happy you did.”


“2 years ago I walked into Bliss Yoga for my first class and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Through Yoga I’ve learned to clear my mind, listen to my body and improve my physical and mental health. Pam has taught me, encouraged me and challenged me; she is truly an amazing teacher!”

“Bliss Yoga offers a variety of classes in a warm and tranquil environment. If you’re new to yoga, or an experienced yogi, you will enjoy a refreshing sense of peace, balance and strength. I’ve been going to Pamela’s classes for over 2 years. My favorite is Yogalates which challenges my core while supporting pure balance.”

“Thank you thank YOU THANK YOU”

“I wanted to say that I also participated in the last March yoga session. First, let me say thank you for hosting that and allowing anyone to participate. As a male who has never participated in Yoga, I was intimidated to attend, but Pamela was outstanding in making the atmosphere inviting and approachable. As I had hurt my back earlier that week, I couldn't move without pain. After the session, I was markedly improved! It was time spent that I would consider an investment, and I'm grateful that Follett provided the opportunity for me to go. I'm sincerely looking forward to going to as many of these sessions as I can from now on.” — James Melton

“I was nervous to join the yoga sessions because I hadn’t done it for a long time and I thought everyone in there would be experts, making my mistakes all the more obvious. That is not the case at all. The people who attend are at all levels of proficiency and it seems silly now that I thought anyone would notice my missteps. The instructor is wonderful and helpful and although I have only attended a few sessions so far, it always gives my spirit a lift to know I have taken a little bit of time just for myself.” — Joann Sanecki

“I attended my first yoga session on March 14th. Since I hadn’t attended all year, I was a bit hesitant to sign up. But with all the stress of the month, I thought a little “me” time would be a good thing. I have not done yoga for many years. Don’t even remember most of those yoga pose names. Nonetheless, what I found was that the environment was so relaxing; so non-threatening. A simple glance at the instructor and I figured out what was going on. And you know what, you don’t have to be perfect. You do what feels good. You wear what you are comfortable in – shorts, sweats, leggings, t-shirt, whatever. I’m glad I went. And I will go again.” — Kathy Treadway

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